Optimise Your Vehicle's Engine Performance

Carbon Cleaning provides you with a  proven, professional mobile service that removes costly carbon deposits from your engine.

Using state of the art technology, our Carbon Cleaning process improves vehicle performance, reduces running costs, and minimises harmful emissions.

Carbon Cleaning can help you to reduce black smoke from your exhaust, clean dirty EGR valves which result in  engine performance issues such as reductions in power, acceleration or fuel efficiency, rough idling or the ‘check engine light coming on’.

We services motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks, commercial vehicles and fleets in Sydney and surrounds. 

The Carbon Cleaning process is suitable for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

Fast, flexible and affordable, Carbon Cleaning is ready to  optimise your vehicle’s engine performance today.




Reduces fuel costs and oil consumption by revitalising your engine's efficiency


Potential to save up to 20%* in fuel costs and thousands in repair costs that result from engine wear and tear


Increase your engines longevity and restore peak performance


Lowers your vehicle's carbon emissions and help the environment

*Savings will vary and are based on customer feedback.

our service

Our Carbon Cleaning solution is a proven, professional mobile service that removes costly carbon deposits from your engine. We service diesel and petrol engines across a range of vehicles including motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks, commercial vehicles and fleets.


Our service takes just 45 - 60 minutes for standard vehicles after set-up


We carry out our service at your home or workplace


Our pricing starts from just $180 for small cars & motorbikes


We operate 7 days a week, in Sydney and beyond

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Happy Customers

“Since getting my fleet of catering vans serviced by Carbon Cleaning, I have noticed that they are running much better. Plus, I’m saving as much 20% in fuel costs - so it was well worth the money. Carbon Cleaning serviced the entire fleet in an afternoon and came to my office. I’ll be re-booking again next year.”

Toyota Hiace Fleet

“I’m a mechanic and understand the negative impacts that carbon build up has on engines. Carbon Cleaning serviced my car at my home, it took just over 45 mins and I’m really impressed with the results.  I’m now recommending the service to my customers.”

Ford Territory

I booked a carbon clean for my 2010 Honda CRV. Since the service I’ve noticed the engine is running better, I’m getting better fuel economy and my car feels rejuvenated. Great mobile service to your door. Booked again for next year and happily recommend Carbon Cleaning.

Honda CRV


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